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Ready to send Milestone Cards with colour

Ready to send Milestone Cards with colour

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Hand sketched and hand coloured these beautiful milestone cards are perfect to document your baby´s first year from day one up to 1 year. 

Each card measures 12.5 cm x 19 cms and they are printed on 250gsm plain white card stock paper. 

Each set includes 

  • Hello world
  • I Am 1 day old
  • I am 1 week old
  • I am 2 weeks old
  • I am 3 weeks old
  • I am 1 month old
  • I am 2 months old
  • I am 3 months old
  • I am 4 months old
  • I am 5 months old
  • I am 6 months old
  • I am 7 months old
  • I am 8  months old
  • I am 9 months old
  • I am 10 months old
  • I am 11 months old
  • I am 1 year old 
Please note: as they are handpainted you will see the pen strokes which adds a beautiful  handmade  touch to the cards.