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Wooden height chart made in New Zealand
personalised height chart for kids
Kids Height charts

Foldable natural heigh chart

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Beautiful height chart made out of pine wood. 

The main measuring lines are located every 10cms and the small ones every centimeter. 

Measuring lines are painted by hand, numbers,  are made of high-quality adhesive vinyl.

It measures 10mm x 90mm x 180 cm and once you receive it, it will be ready to hang on the wall.

These height charts are foldable so they are easy to store, transport and ship, this means shipping cost will remain the same as the small height charts. They have been cut and joined with two small, durable and strong polished brass hinge. ** Please note the hinges are very small but not completely flat, they measure 20mm long by 2mm thick each. 

Measurements start at 10cms to 190cm or from 20cms to 200cms, just select your preferred option.

Please note:
** We always select the driest wood possible, however, warping is a natural timber process, and not a fault, due to moisture absorption, therefore we recommend to use 3M hanging strips to minimise this and also to double secure your height chart to the wall**  

The height chart is made to order, please enquire for the turn around time before purchasing.