We are taking a break during the school holidays as we are going to visit our family. All orders placed after Wednesday 1st of July will be made and sent from Monday 20th of July. The website will remain open in case you want to place an order and you are happy to wait for it to get made. Non of the 'ready to send items' will be shipped until we are back home. As always, thank you so much for your support, hope you enjoy the school holidays and get to see your love ones ❤

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We are two sisters, Cata and Vivi. Our life stories have taken us from our birthplace of Colombia, across the Pacific to New Zealand. Between us, we have three little monkeys, who keep us busy most of the time. As young mums, we found a passion for natural, homemade and environmentally friendly products that our families could enjoy. Cata is the artist in the family while Vivi is the business economist. Eventually put our skills together and Nido & Pino was born, to share our passions with other mums!

Nido & Pino is a nod to our roots. ‘Nido’ is the Spanish word for ‘nest and ‘Pino’ means ‘pine’, the type of wood used in many of our products. As most of our customers are new families embarking on the parenthood journey we thought that name was a perfect fit. Plus ‘Nido & Pino’ just sounds cute!

Our favourite part of the process is to work with you, our customers, to create unique and personalised keepsakes for your little people.  All our custom designs are handmade. We also have other products that we have imported from abroad that meet our strict criteria of being both family and environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced.

For behind the scenes and to check out projects we are working on, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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