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Handmade from beginning to end

Posted by Catalina Camargo on

Nido & Pino products are all handmade by me from my little studio in Titirangi. They are carefully handcrafted with lots of attention to detail.

I'm so proud of my latest addition, an amazing sander to make the wooden blocks. I had so much interest on them that my little sander couldn't cope so I had to get a new and bigger one to help me get the job done :) 

Every single block is cut and sanded individually so they don't have sharp edges or pointy corners and best yet, they are all super soft. It takes a lot of time and dedication to get them perfect but I love it. 

 I love creating everything from scratch, cutting everything myself, using all my beautiful tools, painting, sanding, designing, is part of who I am.

Hearing how much my products are loved is very rewarding and makes me amazingly happy 💕

It is very true that when you are buying handmade you are not just buying an object itself, you are buying a little piece of someone's life and love for what they do, the journey they go through and the joy and happiness that brings them to make that object just for you, and that my friends, is pure happiness.

Next time you look at something that was handmade, think first on the journey from the start, what took to make that piece one of kind and how it was made. Every single handmade piece has a story, a journey and challenge that makes it truly special.